Shubb number is not an platform but an institute where learning is converted to earning . We don’t leave the participants by giving them half knowledge. Our most of the students are now running their own platform and getting name and fame .
This plateform was started by mr Naveen , who learn one thing that the occult is for everyone and floating this mesage he started this plateform by adding same mind people. He added mr rajtribhuan Rai, civil engineer who is not only expert in numerology but he also know various modalities where occult knowledge is not required. Then mr ajaiy  ratan who electronic and communication, law graduate , MBA , post graduation in mass communication, construction management, and LLM in arbitration . He has a vast study of different aspect of occult and also good in various research .
The basic principle of our shubbh number is
_ teaching from basic to professional knowledge
_ less fee
_ follow ups through open sessions
_ giving chance to grow on our own platform

The slogan of this plateform is

Learn and give knowledge so other can distribute it in society .